Monday, August 31, 2009

Hundreds of Books Donated to the Council Today

Judy and George Homanich brought hundreds of children's books today to be given to the Jail Ministry Christmas Project. Apparently, they "rescued" the books from the University Fest at BU.

George and Judy have done so much over the years for the Council (CHOW Pantry Coordinators, Jail Volunteers, Etc.....) The face that they arranged to pick up all these books that otherwise would be shredded, have corresponded with the publisher co. so they could pick them up today and then delivered them here to the Council is amazing.

When you get a chance check out the Singer Room to see the new children's books and there are some adult books that staff can peruse in the front office.

Good things are happening at the Council!

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  1. George and Judy brought more books today. And a pallet full of children's books will arrive later today. What a great thing for the Council! I will be giving out some to people who come in for formula or diapers - or just who have a small child in tow. And they will be fabulous for the Christmas project for the Jail Ministry.


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