Tuesday, March 23, 2010

News Channel 34 on 3-23-10

CHOW Seeking Fruit Orchard

The Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse has an opportunity to get a fruit orchard, but it needs your help.
CHOW applied for an orchard grant through the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.
And, is the only agency in New York State that has qualified to the final internet voting round in the contest sponsored by Edy's Fruit Bars.
The 40 or so apple, pear and peach trees and berry bushes would be planted on a piece of FEMA flood buyout land along Conklin Road near the Laurence Ave intersection.
And, would help stock CHOW's warehouse with food that supplies people with options for healthier diets.

Ed Blaine says, "Our push over the last few years has been to provide more fresh produce to our pantries and soup kitchens. We do a lot of canned goods. That's okay, that's good, but fresh is better. What we can also do is provide fruits and vegetables and then teach people how to use them. How do you prepare fresh vegetables rather than canned vegetables. It's not just a matter of heating up."

You can vote online everyday.
Voting ends August 31st.
Log onto communitiestakeroot.com and click on the vote link.
About 80 communities are competing for 25 orchards.
5 orchards will be given out a month.
Currently, CHOW is in 2nd place.

See Video and Article Here

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