Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Letter from someone who helped build a wheelchair ramp for Ramp It Up 2010


On behalf of Church of The Holy Family youth group, and personally, I'd like to thank you for your leadership and the positive example you set for our youth.  Your commitment to this program and it's dual beneficiaries - the resident and the youth volunteers, is commendable.  As a father I'd like to thank you for giving my boys an opportunity to challenge themselves, to learn new skills, to be relied on to complete a difficult task, and to serve someone else selflessly.  You are a positive witness to what it means to be a Christian man in daily life, and for that I am thankful.

This is a wonderful program that I hope continues to receive the necessary support from the community.  On the way home Sunday afternoon my son Louis said two things worth noting.  First, he said, "I feel good" - for having helped a person in need.  Second, he said, "Do you think we'll do this again next year?". 

I certainly hope we have an opportunity to do this again next year.

I would also ask that you pass on to Eric that he similarly guided my boys and it was a pleasure working with him.


Helped build the ramp the weekend of 6/12/2010

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