Monday, August 9, 2010

Volunteers Still Needed to Plant Chow Fruit Tree Orchard

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Volunteers Still Needed to Plant Chow Fruit Tree Orchard

Last Update: 12:47 pm

From Broome County Council of Churches:

Volunteers are still needed to help plant 45 fruit trees won by CHOW of the Broome County Council of Churches in a national internet-voting contest.

The planting will take place on Sunday, Aug. 22, in Conklin at a celebration and planting event beginning at 11 a.m. Planting demonstrations will begin then, followed by actual planting until 3 p.m. when a fruit tree after-care demonstration will take place. This community event will be at the CHOW Farm on River Boulevard in Conklin, about two miles east of the Binghamton city line. (River Boulevard is off Conklin Road towards the Susquehanna River.)

“Just bring a pick or shovel, help with the planting, and celebrate with us with food and refreshments, and be part of the excitement,” said Deacon Edward Blaine, program director of the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse (CHOW) of the Council of Churches.

The prize of the fruit tree orchard is the result of CHOW winning a country-wide internet-voting contest last Spring sponsored by The Communities Take Root program, and supported by Edy’s Fruit Bars and the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Edy’s will provide fruit bars for everyone at the planting and the Council of Churches will provide lunch.

To volunteer, go to and fill out the volunteer form, or call the Council of Churches at 724-9130. When volunteers fill out the form, let the Council know if 1) you will bring your own tools, and 2) whether you will be staying for the workshop at 3 p.m.

The CHOW Farm and Orchard is on flood-plain land. The Town of Conklin leases seven acres of land to CHOW at a very minimal price. Half an acre will be used for the orchard tree planting.

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