Monday, September 17, 2012

Binghamton kicks off Restaurant Week Fall 2012

It’s time for restaurants to shine in Binghamton this week as the fall edition of Binghamton Restaurant Week kicks off Tuesday. As our Elyse Mickalonis tells us, many say it’s the right time to try something new and give back to the community.

BINGHAMTON -- It’s the official fall week dedicated to flavors, fun and family.
“Lunch is still 10 bucks for a three course meal and dinner will depend on the restaurant,” said Sead Hadziabdic, Crepe Heaven Owner.

Restaurant Week Fall 2012 kicks off on Tuesday with as many as 20 restaurants participating, and many are offering affordable deals during the week.

“We are basically the crème de la crème. If you look at the lists of the restaurants, every single one has a name and reputation,” said Hadziabdic.

The event focuses on introducing students, businesses and the community to the local dining scene, while raising money for a local charity. Even though it’s called Restaurant Week, the event runs longer than seven days, running through September 27. Proceeds will benefit Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse.

“It’s nice to be able to eat and support helping other people eat, by eating,” said Amy Gregory, Green resident.

Hadziabdic added, “You make the old customers happy, because of the price, you meet the new customers and you do something for the community too.”

Many say it’s the right time to dine on something new.

“It’s good to try new food and if you don’t think something looks good, it might taste really good,” said Sierra Gregory, Norwich resident.

Joshua Davis, Endwell resident, added, “Kids can spend time with their mom and dad and they can learn new things and learn to try stuff they didn’t think they would care for.”

People here say restaurant week is not only the perfect time to try something new, but also help the community bounce back from last year’s flooding.

“Anything the community can offer for folks to get out there and see what they have will hopefully be a good boost to the local economy,” said Clay Davis, Endwell Resident.

Hadziabdic added, “Restaurant Week was postponed last year, because of the flood and it came back very strong in the spring, so we can safely say it’s growing.”

It's an event that allows you to put a lot on your plate, without breaking the bank. If you'd like more information on Restaurant Week and the participating restaurants, head to

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