Monday, September 28, 2009

Class Act: Mackenzie McNamara

September 25, 2009

Class Act: Mackenzie McNamara

Union-Endicott High School
Grade: Senior

Mackenzie McNamara, 17, is the daughter of Beth and Kevin McNamara and has a 22-year-old sister and 20-year-old brother. She organized a community Swim-a-thon in August at the Boys & Girls Club of Western Broome, collecting more than 2,200 pounds of food and raising more than $1,000 for the Community Hunger Outreach Warehouse. A member of the varsity swim team, she also is a member of the school’s Spanish and history clubs.

Why did you organize the Swim-a-thon this summer?

(The swim team) had a senior meeting before and my coach was talking about doing a swim-a-thon. I kept getting ideas and ideas…. I thought it would be really nice or the girls to do. Everyone needs help. We had over 100 swimmers. We had UE, obviously, Vestal, ME, UNAC — the Union Aquatic Club. We had some synchronized swimmers, JC, people from all over.

How did it work?

We swam for 12 hours altogether. We made up this piece of paper — it had 15-minute intervals — to have them do a relay the entire day. We wanted door prizes, so I made up this letter and sent it to businesses, over 50 of them. And when they didn’t respond, I’d pay them a little visit. … I started (organizing) in the beginning of April. I had to do something every single day.

How long did you swim that day?

I only swam for an hour altogether because I was running around like a crazy woman.

What are your plans after graduation?

College, social worker. I really like Oswego, but I haven’t seen “the one” yet.

What’s on your iPod?

I love Michael Buble. I’m into Michael Jackson right now and Taylor Swift.

What do you do for fun?

I hang out with my friends and family. I work a lot at Roma’s Bakery.

What quality do you most dislike in others?

I hate when people are mean to each other.

What’s your favorite food?

Pizza, any kind.

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