Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Courtesy Announcement for St Francis of Assisi Parish

Auction-Flea Market
St Francis of Assisi Parish
October 2 and October 3 at the Saint Francis Parish Gym
1057 Chenango St in Hillcrest

It starts at 7 pm on Friday
Will be from 9 am - 3 pm on Saturday

The auction of bigger items will take place on Friday.
The items left will be set up for sale on Saturday.

Vendors are invited to join in on Saturday.
For $15 you can reserve a 6-8ft table for your sale items.

Food and drinks will be sold on both days and there will be 50/50 raffles held throughout both days.

Items in the Auction include riding tractors, snow blowers, Christmas trees, floral decorations, TVs, assorted furniture, kitchen equipement, office supplies, tools, etc.

NO RELIGIOUS/ CHURCH items will be sold!

For more info or to reserve a table for the flea market:
722-4388 (the Parish Center)

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