Thursday, September 2, 2010

9th Annual MudCat Grant Golf Tournament(Great Video of Mudcat mentioning CHOW)

The 9th annual Jim "Mudcat" Grant All-Star Golf Tournament is Thursday.

It will be held at the Links at Hiawatha Landing. Wednesday was a chance to highlight the help the tournament provides to area non-profits. This year, the annual event features about 30 celebrities including five of the Black Aces, who are African American baseball pitchers who won at least 20 games.

Mudcat Grant is one of them. Not only does he come every year, he also has a lot of great stories to tell. "History is really something because now I'm connected back to some of the charities that I've been involved with for years. I knew two nuns back in Cleveland. For signing autographs they used to give me holy water to beat the Yankees all the time. I'd rub it in. Whenever I lost, they would say, 'we give you another bottle.' I'm looking at CHOW. I remember my Mom used to send us fishing and we would have to catch fish and bring it back. She would clean it and then take sandwiches and feed people in the community. Here we are doing the same thing with CHOW."

As Mudcat just mentioned CHOW is one of the beneficiaries. As are the Boys and Girls Club, Catholic Charities and the Urban League.

Bruce Boyea, of Security Mutual, says, "We're also here financially to support four great organizations that are in town. I don't even like to use the word charity when I talk about the organizations, because of the work that you do each and every day. You clearly make this a better place to live and work."

Ed Blaine, of CHOW, says, "We're especially hit hard, as is Catholic Charities and even the other charities. With the economy the way it is, we're getting increasing demands for food. This type of event helps to remind people of that and helps us to kind of keep our shelves stocked so we don't have to turn anyone away."

There are 29 sponsors, including Security Mutual which spear-headed the golf tournament. Also Wednesday, the Black Aces and other celebrities went through area hospitals and nursing homes to visit people.
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