Friday, September 10, 2010

Pepsi Grant

Broome County Council of Churches Competing for Pepsi Grant

Binghamton, NY (WBNG Binghamton) - A program that builds wheelchair ramps for people who depend on wheel chairs to get around may be able to continue if it secures a grant.

The Broome County Council of Churches built 13 wheelchair ramps and plans to build 13 more.
But they say, in order to do that, they will need a new truck and van.

They are competing against non-profits from all across the nation for a Pepsi Refresh grant.
The Council says the program is important to the community and that the $50,000 grant would be a big help.

"This program is really about Broome county. This is how people can show their support to set people free and their support in teaching kids a great skill and giving them something to hang onto in their own community," said Greg Jenkins from the Broome County Council of Churches.

To win the grant, the project will have to receive the most votes online.Voting will run through this month.

To vote for the wheel chair ramp project, visit
You can search for the project there.

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