Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Joanne Kays

Faith in Action Volunteers happenings:

Dining for Dollars - A Clergy Server Night Thursday, 3/18/10, Polish Community Center. Fourteen clergy have committed to serve family style dinner of chicken, halupke, salad, potato and veggie. They will of course also sing for tips.

Lives of Commitment Awards Breakfast, Friday morning, 5/7/10. Volunteer honorees are Cyndy Vosburgh, Joan Eisch, and Katie Legg. Keynote Speaker is Kathryn Madigan. Cost for staff is $10.

Golf Committee will meet in Feb to decide on the tournament date.

Marsha and Joanne attended BC Health Department's Strategic Alliance for Health (SAH) Consortium meeting on Wed 1/27. There are many partners involved with this initiative through a grant from the CDC. The goal of the SAH is to create policies, systems and environmental changes in the City of Binghamton that will allow residents to engage in healthier lifestyles and reduce chronic disease rates. Look for a copy of Guidelines for Healthy Meetings (a handout from the meeting) around the office.

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