Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ESG Funding and Block Grant

Joe Sellepack attended a meeting at the City Council Chamber Yesterday to find out how to apply for ESG Entitlement Funding from HUD and to apply for Block Grants to the City of Binghamton. The meetings were fairly fruitful and he has the information on how to apply for the funding. Some of the Block Grant funding that we may be able to apply for is summer community food programs that benefit residents of Binghamton like we did this past year at West Presbyterian. Additionally they may be used if we had a wheelchair ramp being built in Binghamton City Limits. The funds correspond to the calendar year.

ESG funding is for programs for homeless people in our community: including shelther, food, legal help, job counseling, etc. These funds are managed by the city for HUD and are available on Feb. 1 and run to Jan the following year.

Applications for both of these funding sources can be found at Go to the planning department, then look for a Blue Link on the Right hand side for an application for Emergency Shelter Grants (ESG) or Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Applications are due at 5:00 on October 29. They were very insistent on keeping that deadline.

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