Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wheelchair Ramp Letter and Donation

Today we received a lovely card and donation from a gentleman who had a ramp built by the Council.  Here is some of it below:

To the Broome County Council of Churches-

Thank you for building my ramp.  Now after over two years, I can get out without help.

My donation will help the next person that needs one.

Thank you,

ps - Greg Jenkins did a fine job overseeing the work and so did the Volunteers for the Lions Club.

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  1. This ramp was by far the most politically challenging but in many ways for me personally one of the most rewarding. His patience while waiting for the red tape to be cut through was inspirational to say the least. But there was so much more in this particular case. This client sort of gave me a glimpse into my future. He too was an outdoorsman and as I sat and shared coffee with him, which I plan to do again soon, he shared stories of his hunting days. We both had the chance to laugh at our triumphs and our blunder and he told of many friends already gone home before us. As he looked out his kitchen window while he talked I saw what could become my face in his, yearning to be able to step into the forest and become a part of it. He was not bitter, just reminiscent with a whole history book of experiences to share. I am richer for the experience on every level and beleive me, when a deer is brought home to my house this year the very first tenderloin steak will be set at his table.


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