Wednesday, November 11, 2009

CHOW Advisory Minutes for November

CHOW Advisory Meeting Minutes – November 10, 2009

PRESENT: Fr. Jim Dutko, Jen Cubic, Betty Stanton, Alex Siegel, Rod Reeder, Ed Blaine.

HUNGER WALK - Final tally not ready. Looks to be a little less than last year.

BROOME BOUNTY – Time Line was presented for moving to pre-order for our Bounty agencies. Agencies will have to receive order form either by email or fax (if they have neither they will have to pick up). Orders due the day before pickup. A pick up time will be assigned. This will eliminate “shopping” at the warehouse and long lines.

PANTRIES - Two new CHOW Pantries were opened: One on Rutherford Street in Binghamton and one in Windsor.

FARM UPDATE: Conklin property is still being cleared. Scott Barvainis is organizing work crew to take down trees and clear brush. Stumps need to be removed. Alex may know someone who can help. We should have 4 acres ready to plow by spring.

Alex Siegel asked for a list of needed equipment. Ed will send.

EMERSON DONATION – Emerson Corporation donated pallet shelving and a forklift from their old building. Shelving will help create more space in the warehouse and the forklift is usable outside. This makes unloading large trucks more efficient. Thank you to Alex Siegel.

CHOW STRATEGIC PLANNING – We began discussion on preparing goals for 2010. One major goal is to have the committee members more involved in the work of CHOW, especially in the major events and promotions. For discussion and decisions at December meeting Ed will bring a list of the major events that need a committee for 2010. Committee members will be asked to chair on of the event committees. Ed will provide activities associated with the events.

Brainstorming discussion about the future of CHOW included a discussion of additional warehouse space in vacant local buildings; creating a CHOW pantry that is open every day for walk-ins (again in another building); recognition was made that CHOW is involved in a shifting culture both in the warehouse and in how we distribute food. How do we direct the evolution of CHOW?

JOHNNY HART BOOK SALE - We will be selling Johnny Hart’s book I DID IT HIS WAY at the Mall beginning November 27

HOLIDAY CRAFT FAIR – The annual Holiday Craft Fair will be on November 28 fro 9:00 – 4:00 at the Binghamton University West gym.

HOLIDAY RAIN – The Canadian Pacific Holiday Train will be in Binghamton on November 28 at 8:30.

CHORUSES FOR CHOW – The 6th Annual Choruses for CHOW will be held on December 5 at Sarah Jane Johnson Memorial UMC at 2:00. Performing will be: The Southerntiersmen, The Carousel Harmony Chorus, the Down Town Singers, The Endwell Community Chorus, and the Bronzissimo Bell Choir. Tickets are $8.00 advanced and $10.00 at the door. Proceeds go to CHOW.

DISNEY ON ICE – Disney On Ice will be at the Arena on December 17, 18 19 & 20. Anyone purchasing tickets at the Arena Box Office who brings a food donation for CHOW will receive a $3.00 discount off the ticket price. CHOW also received four complimentary tickets and a box of show related items to raffle off at the Craft Fair.

Next Meeting – December 8.

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