Thursday, November 12, 2009

Our Annual CHOW donor

We had a visit from a gentleman who comes once a year.  He brings change this time every year that he collects all year.  He brings the change in Christmas tins and Judy comes down, collects the change and lets him know how much he collected.

11/21/08   $72.10
11/20/07   $66.01
11/20/06   $66.59
11/15/05   $65.24
12/1/04     $68.71
12/5/03     $70.95
etc.......  We have the earliest date as 1999 for giving change.  This gentleman has also given to various other causes, including the recent ACA tragedy.

When someone says they don't have anything to give, makes you think of all the spare change that could be given to our community. Pretty inspiring!

Judy will be counting the change on Tuesday morning.  Stop her after that and see what the amount was for 2009!

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