Friday, October 1, 2010

It’s voting time again.

The CHOW Farm has begun its month of voting in the Pepsi Refresh Grant. We are asking for $50,000 to buy a 4 wheel drive power pick up. We need this type vehicle not only to go through the fields at the farm but also to pull a farm tractor behind it. We also have asked for a green house to begin our own seedlings, thus saving considerable money. We added a trailer to move equipment from one site to another and additional farm equipment that we regularly rent or borrow; tiller, brush hog, etc.

So please vote each day for the month of October. You have to first register if you haven’t already. Then bookmark our page and it will be a 30 second activity each day to vote for us. We have to finish in the top 10 to get our grant.

Thanks for your help.

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