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Hundreds Walk to Put Meals on the Table

October 17, 2010
Vestal, NY (WBNG Binghamton) - As the winter months approach, the demand on local food pantries increases. Eight hundred people came together today to help fulfill this growing need.
Action News Reporter Brennan Smith shows us just how much food one local mission is collecting.
Today is the big day for CHOW.
It's the 28th year in a row that the Community Outreach Hunger Warehouse is calling on hundreds to hit the pavement.
They're trying to raise as much food and money as possible.
"The winter months are pretty difficult for us so we really need to stock up our warehouse," said Director of CHOW Ed Blaine.
Last year CHOW was able to raise 6 thousand pounds of food. They're putting it in this truck and taking it to their warehouse. They're hoping for 7 thousand pounds this year.
"CHOW has a warehouse and it gets distributed through local churches and other food pantries," said CHOW Volunteer Ryan Francik.
And those are the groups that laced up their sneakers.
More than 60 teenagers showed up from the Church of the Holy Family.
"The world is in hunger. We have many many people who are in need, and this is a great way to show that we care. We are very fortunate in this country to have what we have and I think our youth recognize that. By coming out today in numbers like this shows that they do care," said Bernadette Repetto of Church of the Holy Family.
The walk followed a path around Binghamton University.
Those who made the trek say it was a way to make a statement.
"It gives you a good sense of accomplishment. You know you're helping a cause that's bigger than yourself, and there's a lot of needy people in the area this time of year especially, so it's rewarding," said Francik.
"We volunteer at a soup kitchen every week so we go out into the community and we see first hand a lot of people who don't have food so it's really important," said Jason Cutler of Vestal.
Walking to make sure a meal is on everyone's table.
In Vestal, Brennan Smith, WBNG-TV Action News.
Last year the warehouse raised 50 thousand dollars.
They're hoping to top that this year.

By WBNG News

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